Our Infor experts regularly post perspectives on issues that affect our customers, provide insight on newly released technology to help our customers digitally transform and automate their processes.

What can IPA do for your organization?

Can IPA really automate even the smallest task in the system? Can it reduce laborious tasks from days to minutes? The answer to those questions is an astounding "YES"!

Maximizing testing in a remote virtual environment – case study

On a recent project, we had a particularly timely and difficult challenge. It was April and the world was shutting down due to COVID-19, yet we had User Acceptance Testing (UAT) scheduled for June. It was more than likely that travel restrictions would not be lifted in time for our scheduled UAT, and we needed to find a way to successfully test on a global scale.

Moving to GHR with Infinium Payroll

As your organization grows, you will find yourself requiring a more comprehensive HCM system than Infinium or your third-party payroll application can provide. Many of our clients wish to move to the Infor CloudSuite™ HCM cloud-based solution Global Human Resources (GHR) and face a decision, “Do we remain on Infinium Payroll or do we move to the new Infor Multi-tenant Payroll?” ClearSky can help you navigate through these uncertainties with our proven solution for seamless integration to Infinium or support you to implement the new generation multi-tenant payroll.

On-premises or Infor CloudSuite: which one is right for me?

This year marks the ninth anniversary of Lawson’s cloud services. Since then, this product and service offering have been continuously evolving. Infor has added more and more core products to make up what is now commonly known as Infor CloudSuite, The Infor Cloud Built on AWS (Amazon Web Services).

V11: Upgrade with LEGACY.S3

Prepare for your future and secure your data. Upgrade with LEGACY.S3. V11 is here! While you think your company might not be ready to make the move, it is important to plan for the future. This begs the question, what are you going to do with your current legacy Lawson Data?

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