On-premises or Infor CloudSuite: which one is right for me?

This year marks the ninth anniversary of Lawson’s cloud services. Since then, this product and service offering have been continuously evolving. Infor has added more and more core products to make up what is now commonly known as Infor CloudSuite, The Infor Cloud Built on AWS (Amazon Web Services).

So how do you determine if moving to CloudSuite is worth the upgrade?

Moving your enterprise systems to the cloud is certainly not an easy decision to make, but when you decide to proceed, it has several benefits that make the move rewarding:

  • Lower total cost of ownership (TCO). This is perhaps the biggest reason why the whole concept of a cloud service was conceived. Moving to the cloud removes the stress of periodic hardware upgrades, making a positive impact on the operational costs involved. The cost of servers, upgrades, and administrative maintenance, are spread through a multi- tenant-hosted, enterprise-class application and services infrastructure.
  • Easy scalability and high availability. Prior to the cloud, adding additional server resources ‒ such as storage space, and memory ‒ often required additional time and had the negative impact of downtime. Moving to the cloud simplifies that process, making downtime a thing of the past. Also inherent in AWS is its high fault tolerance, reducing (almost eliminating) any risk of downtime due to server malfunction or other disasters Infor clients have experienced in the past.
  • Rapid deployment and upgrade. For old and new users alike, Infor and ClearSky have provided the necessary tools to make the move to the cloud as seamless as possible. Everything in the cloud is managed by Infor, including system upgrades. The applications that you use are guaranteed to be up-to-date always.

ClearSky and the cloud

As Infor’s first CloudSuite Specialized Alliance Partner, ClearSky can provide you with additional tools and services, such as our GHR Cloud Conveyer, LEGACY.S3, and ARCHIVE.S3, providing you with an even more seamless and rapid implementation for your move to the cloud.

On-premises: why is it still being used?

Organizations who opt to stay in their on-premises system environment have valid reasons for doing so. From experience with some of our clients, issues like total number of users, and required application features (not everyone needs the latest and greatest all the time) are the main considerations in choosing to stay on-premises.

Our opinion: it’s time for the cloud!

Organizations who want to stay at the leading edge of technology, software, and hardware, are already in the process of planning their move to CloudSuite. If you haven’t started planning, now is the time to start! It offers the best scalability, elasticity, security, and reliability, with up-to-date applications, ensuring that your organization is constantly compliant with applicable laws and standards.

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