Moving to GHR with Infinium Payroll

As your organization grows, you will find yourself requiring a more comprehensive HCM system than Infinium or your third-party payroll application can provide. Many of our clients wish to move to the Infor CloudSuite™ HCM cloud-based solution Global Human Resources (GHR) and face a decision, “Do we remain on Infinium Payroll or do we move to the new Infor Multi-tenant Payroll?”  ClearSky can help you navigate through these uncertainties with our proven solution for seamless integration to Infinium or support you to implement the new generation multi-tenant payroll.

Implementing GHR with Infinium Payroll

Our team has partnered with multiple clients to provide an implementation of Global HR, while keeping the Infinium Payroll processing as is. GHR becomes your employees’ system of record, allowing you to manage your organization’s talent fully from hire to retire with tools that do much more than track and edit pay rates. Your employees, managers, field operations, and administrative staff are empowered to perform their HR tasks effectively and efficiently, resulting in more time to dedicate to strategic initiatives and to focus on core business operations.

Moving fromInfinium to Multi-Tenant Payroll

Moving from Infinium Payroll to CloudSuite Multi-Tenant Payroll removes integration complexity and maintenance. It is designed to provide you with customized reporting, extended functionality, and flexibility,along with the reliability of a proven payroll process.

Our RAPID SUCCESS methodology,aligned with the Infor implementation approach, rapidly deploys Infor CloudSuite solutions in a tried and tested manner, to minimize risk while maximizing speed to value, navigating you through logical project phases and steps for a successful go-live. Our experienced Solution Architects will work with you to enhance your current payroll processes, and provide guidance and support to de-risk your payroll implementation.

Implementing both GHR and Multi-Tenant Payroll provides a complete, end-to-end, people-centric solution that delivers a unified experience for mobile, self-service, time tracking, and PTO for all employees.

How to decide

As a certified Infor Alliance Partner with over 20 years of experience, ClearSky can help you create the road map that will allow you to take advantage of Infor CloudSuite™ HCM deep functionality.

We will lead you through:

  • establishing a road map and rollout plan for your journey to the cloud
  • rebuilding your current interfaces and customizations as required
  • fully integrating GHR, Infinium and other third-party systems or move you to multi-tenant new generation payroll.

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