Infor Workforce Management

Infor WFM uses your company's unique business data to drive labor demand planning and employee performance analytics. Your organization can create a bottom-up labor budget based on business on demand using Workforce planning then align your Labor budget with your finance team's top-down budget. 

You can use dashboards and alerts to

  • Keep budgets and forecasting in compliance

  • Payroll departments can validate data from the time and attendance module

  • Reduce errors in overpayments

  • Manage overtime

  • Time off request

  • Comply with regulatory requirements with worksheets and calendars

  • Create and edit sophisticated schedules at automatically assign employees to meet demand

  • Use data insights into customer demand

  • Apply union rules, government regulations and corporate policies to develop schedules mathematically

  • Improve employee and manager collaboration with the self-service interface and corporate messaging tool

  • Allow employees to use schedules and calendars to pick up or trade shifts, request time off work, and update work performance.

Infor workforce management can you scale to fit your industry specific needs and intuitive user interface delivers a comprehensive set of features to work forces of any size or level of complexity. Built with the latest mobile enable technologies, the solution is designed to increase Employee Engagement and retention while improving customer service levels.

Increase productivity and control labor costs by empowering managers, supervisors and executives to make decisions with real-time data and Predictive Analytics. By automating your processes with the Infor Workforce Management you can optimize employee efficiency boost productivity and reduce operating costs to improve business outcomes 

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