What can IPA do for your organization?

Infor Process Automation (IPA) is a platform that can be used to automate various business processes within the Infor Global HR software. It allows you to create, manage, and monitor automated processes,such as employee onboarding, benefits enrollment, and performance reviews. Here are some steps you can follow to use IPA within the Infor Global HR software for maximum efficiency:

Identify the business processes you want to automate

Start by identifying the HR processes that are currently manual and time-consuming.These may include tasks such as onboarding new employees, processing employee benefits, and managing employee performance reviews.

Determine the workflow for each process

Next,determine the steps that are required to complete each process. This will help you understand how the process works and what needs to be automated.

Create process templates

Once you have identified the processes you want to automate and the steps required to complete them, you can create process templates in IPA. These templates can be used to define the flow of the process, including the tasks that need to be completed and the order in which they should be completed.

Set up triggers

Triggers are events that initiate a process in IPA. For example, you might set up a trigger that starts the onboarding process when a new employee is hired.

Set up rules

Rules are used to control the flow of a process in IPA. For example, you might set up a rule that determines which tasks need to be completed based on the employee's job role or location.

Monitor and optimize processes

Once you have set up your automated processes, you can use IPA to monitor their performance and identify opportunities for optimization. This can help you ensure that the processes are running smoothly and efficiently.

By following these steps, you can use IPA to automate various HR processes within the Infor Global HR software, resulting in improved efficiency and productivity.

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