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Managed Services

The key to running a first class IT operation is having the flexibility to prioritize and focus on the most important and strategic directions you need to go to support your organization’s goals. With all the change in technology today, sometimes the biggest challenge is the ability to keep up.

There are many reasons for this: hardware changes, the need to scale, changes in software, complexity of the “stack,” and lack of skilled resources, to name a few. The challenge is costly and time consuming; and many times, there is no visible benefit to the end users of your organization. Are you simply keeping the environment current or are you adding strategic value?

ClearSky offers some very smart options to allow you to be in control of your desired outcome. Our Managed Services range from full hosting of your servers and applications to remotely managed services. You will benefit from our network of Technology Service and Infor Lawson professionals who make sure the job is done and done right.

It doesn’t matter if you are based in Salem, Oregon, New York, or Nairobi, Kenya – ClearSky can reduce your costs, maximize your investment value, and ensure you have the right team in place to handle your IT needs.

Hosted in the Cloud

Our customers rely on data centers to grow, expand their geographic reach, improve application performance, and protect their vital digital assets. Our ClearSky facility, located on a major fiber network, boasts physical layer redundancy and safe harbor framework.

From an application and software perspective, your IT assets are secure in our facility and available 24/7. ClearSky’s Managed Services save you time and money, while allowing your organization to focus on core strategies.

By hosting in the cloud, ClearSky provides a comprehensive solution that manages all aspects of your application needs:

Learn More about our Hosted Solutions.

Remote & On-site Managed Services

You have invested heavily over the years in your infrastructure. For various reasons, you are not ready to change from an on-premise to cloud strategy for your business applications. We recognize and appreciate these decisions. At ClearSky, it’s all about what works for your business.

We bring both application and technical support services to your organization for either full environment and application management or a plan scaled to your specific requirements and budget. We will offer expert advice to assist you as you plan your strategy and then stand ready to help ensure smooth operation.


Disaster Recovery

Having a disaster recovery strategy in place is one of the most important aspects of any company’s risk management. Are you ready if disaster strikes?

ClearSky will work with you to define and implement your Disaster Recovery plan. This can include the build of a Disaster Recovery server, testing plan, and data retention policies and security.