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Implementation Services

As an Infor Alliance and CloudSuite™ Specialized Partner, ClearSky can provide the Infor Lawson and HCM Implementation Services your organization needs to build a foundation that helps make your business a success.  From Project Kick-Off to Go Live and beyond, our team works with you to rapidly implement the right solutions while focusing on both current and future strategy.

In addition to implementation and support services for your Infor Lawson Applications, ClearSky can provide all the required technical services to implement and support your Infor Lawson Technologies and Applications:

Designed for CloudSuite

RAPIDSUCCESS is a ClearSky methodology, aligned with the Infor implementation approach, for rapidly deploying Infor CloudSuite solutions in a tried and tested manner, to minimize risk while maximizing speed to value.

Many large-scale IT projects fail for a very simple reason: they lose momentum as they get mired in complexity and cumbersome processes, costs escalate, and confidence is lost. Often, the result is that a fraction of the system goes live and is declared a ‘partial success’.

RAPIDSUCCESS provides you with a solid foundation of key Infor CloudSuite solutions, with the ability to deploy additional modules as required to meet your ERP business priorities.