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V11 Data Preparation

Did you know that Infor recommends only taking 3 years of data (or less) to V11?

If your organization has made the decision to move to CloudSuite V11, this information may have come as a shock. Does your organization have time to purge years and years of data? Most likely, you are legally required to retain your data for a certain number of years. If meeting this purging requirement before an upgrade seems like a daunting task, ClearSky is here to ease your mind and show you an alternate option that is cost-effective and doesn’t require a data purge.

Introducing DEPLOY.S3

As an alternative to purging, using ClearSky’s DEPLOY.S3 will leave your production Lawson Productline in current operational state as we create and copy to a new Data Area just the data you need to upgrade to V11.  DEPLOY.S3 is a simple to use Application as a Service (AaaS), conducted by a seasoned Lawson Technical Engineer working directly with you and Infor Cloud Services to deploy Current+n years of data that meets Infor requirements for V9 & V10 source data.

The new Data Area can be tied to the current Lawson Product line, which will allow for verification during the V11 upgrade process, including security, forms, reports, utilities and more.  You will be able to compare your V9 or V10 data with what is in V11.  Let this tool make this process simpler for your team.

V11 Data Preparation Diagram

The old way of purging 4+ years of data made a significant impact on your system and staff.  Switch to the alternative. The Current+3 data is quickly copied, and the Data Area is then migrated to V11, leaving your current production product line and data intact for future reference and historical reporting. Once this is complete, you may want to check out our LEGACY.S3 solution.

Elect ClearSky as your partner to prep your data today and assist in your move to the V11 tomorrow!

For more information about how ClearSky can help you succeed with this project, or any of your Infor Lawson projects, give us a call at 612.746.4070 or email sales@clearskyerp.com.