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Migrate to Windows/SQL Server with MIGRATE.S3®

Considering switching over to Windows/SQL?

We can help! ClearSky has the industry’s most powerful diagnostic and migration tool for Lawson Application Data. We have an agnostic database tool that reliably migrates your Lawson data in a fraction of the time it takes using traditional methods: 1200% more efficiently, to be exact.

MIGRATE.S3 Diagram
We can migrate:
  • UNIX/DB2 – SQL
  • UNIX/Oracle – SQL
  • iSeries/DB2 – SQL
  • Windows/DB2 – SQL
  • Windows/Oracle – SQL

Unique, Efficient, & Lawson Compliant

MIGRATE.S3 is unique to ClearSky and sanctioned by Infor development. Whether we migrate your data on premise or to the cloud, we guarantee that it will be 100% Lawson compliant. Unique in that MIGRATE.S3 is built upon the meta-data of Lawson Applications to ensure the results meet the requirements of Lawson Application data definition characteristics.

Introducing MIGRATE.S3®

MIGRATE.S3 – Industry’s Best Data Migration Tool

Don’t just migrate your database – MIGRATE.S3 your database!

MIGRATE.S3 is a powerful database diagnostic database migration tool into SQL Server that we created to ensure you maximize your time. ClearSky believes in developing more advanced tools to assist in achieving your project goals with a 100% success rate!

If you are looking to migrate from UNIX. iSeries, or Windows and want to move to SQL, look no further!

For more information on ClearSky’s MIGRATE.S3 contact us.

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