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Security Services

Your system and information security are paramount to your successful business, so you need to secure both the functionality and the information you steward. Your Infor Lawson solution provides some efficient, effective, and comprehensive security functionality. But do you have the staff, knowledge, and time to undertake this effort?

It does not matter if you are new to Infor Lawson or have been using the solution for 20 years; our Security Services provide enhanced capabilities in both design and maintenance. You want to make sure you maximize your implementation from all angles while taking full advantage of the functionality our Security Services have to offer.  You need a strong plan that represents best practice. You need it on time and within budget.

ClearSky has many years of experience with Infor Lawson security from both a technical and application perspective.  Whether you would like ClearSky to do it all or work with your security team, we can blend our expertise seamlessly into your operation to accomplish your security objectives. We can help you build a custom security structure that fits your unique business requirements.

Our Approach