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Infor Lawson 10x Upgrade

ClearSky has been performing Lawson Upgrades since V5, through  five generations of Lawson Major Releases.

This latest upgrade path is not dissimilar to that of V5 to V6 and we have the upgrade process and procedures finely tuned to save you time and money.  10X brings new productivity enhancements in both technologies and applications and we can walk you through it with ease. Our experience has been refined to provide you with a highly stable Infor Lawson 10X Application Environment. Coupled with our upgrade experience, you will not find a more suited Infor Alliance Partner with which to work.

When you partner with ClearSky, our staff of veteran consultants will lead you through the upgrade process from infrastructure planning, upgrade processes, validation, differences training and go live support.  We have upgraded LBI, MSCM, LPA, LS, Landmark, EDI, Portal/Ming.le, EMSS, and RQC just to name a few.  We have taken hundreds of customized programs, scripts, and web interfaces to V10X.  All this experience is available to you.

The first step is to contact sales@clearskyerp.com. This will initiate a totally free Upgrade Planning Assessment to get you started on the road to 10X.

10x Readiness Assessment

Upgrade preparation includes a high-level planning session that provides an upgrade overview, guiding your organization through the entire process. ClearSky will provide a complete review of your current Infor Lawson Application Environment and map that to 10X. You will have a certified roadmap in your hands to take you to the next phase of your upgrade project

Infor Lawson 10x Upgrade – a Proven Methodology

ClearSky has the most seasoned Lawson upgrade resources available today, each with over 15 years of proven, no nonsense skills, and a drive to see you succeed. Our Project Managers know upgrades. They will help you make the right decisions and then stand with your technical and business teams throughout the entire process.

Related Softwares and Technologies

As you prepare for your upgrade to Infor Lawson 10X, ClearSky will guide you through the new technologies that will be available to you:

Business Performance:
Human Capital Management:
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